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Magply features in fire-fighting role at Sky Studio Elstree

Magply features in fire-fighting role at Sky Studio Elstree

Magply boards are being used as part of Sky’s efforts to create the world’s most sustainable film and TV Studios, Sky Studios Elstree. Currently under construction by main contractor BAM and set to open in 2022, the build has recently included the use of 9mm thick Magply boards as part of a flat roof build up specified for the product’s proven fire-protection capabilities and all-round performance benefits.

The work on the new production buildings is being carried out by London based Waterproofing specialist, Guaranteed Asphalt Ltd. which is installing their BBA Agrement certified hot melt flat roofing system over a reinforced concrete deck with the Magply boards being used to protect the mineral wool insulation. A total of 900m2 of 9mm Magply boards was supplied by Shield Membranes Ltd. a leading stockist of the IPP range.

Tyler Ellis, the Business Procurement Manager for Guaranteed Asphalt, explained: “We chose to use the Magply boards due to its non-combustible nature and installed the product as part of a non-combustible, Tapered Mineral Wool System called Stonewool by Tapered Roofing Systems.

“The Magply boards were the top layer and allowed us to apply a hot bitumen waterproofing called GuaraTEC Hot Melt Warm Roof System: which is accredited by the BBA. Our operatives on site found it relatively easy to cut, simply using a sharp knife to score a line and snapping the board, similar to how you would with plasterboard. Then where there was a round outlet or small plinth in the roof, we used a 4” angle grinder to shape the board.”

In this instance, the Magply boards were secured in place over the 300 thick StoneWool insulation using an adjustable length TIA fixing from the SFS range: drilling down into the concrete substrate. The fixing consists of a mushroom-type plastic sleeve which inserts in the bore hole, followed by a secondary concrete screw that is dropped into the sleeve, which is driven into the deck.
Backed by BDA Agrement certification, Magply MgO boards present a fire-safe and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plywood or OSB products.

Additionally, the unique production process keeps the chloride content to just 0.01%, enhancing both stability and long-term durability. The different thicknesses of panel are also widely used for flooring and pitched roof installations as well as being approved by many different manufacturers of render finishes as a suitable substrate.

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