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9mm Magply given ‘Purple Passive’ Treatment for Peckham Properties

9mm Magply given ‘Purple Passive’ Treatment for Peckham Properties

A development of two and three bedroom terraced homes on a brownfield site in South London is making use of Magply boards’ fire resistance and other physical benefits: receiving a special polymer based, purple coloured membrane finish to provide excellent airtightness as part of an ‘Eco-homes’ energy specification.

The four new houses in Peckham for Emerson Properties are being built by Cambridgeshire based White Haus, a package contractor specialising in high performance timber frame structures up to PassivHaus standards, which has specified Magply on a previous project in the borough, as well as elsewhere around the country. In this instance, the high performance MOS boards will be overclad with black timber boarding across a batten cavity, with widths varying from 50-120mm which conceals the rainwater downpipes draining the homes’ green roofs.

The Project Manager for White Haus, Tony Buck, commented: “We offer clients a bespoke service for the supply and installation of high performance timber frames to meet various specifications – right up to PassivHaus standard – building schools, hospitals and commercial premises as well as domestic properties.

Although these structures aren’t within the designated five metre distance of existing buildings, the client (Emerson Properties) wanted the additional protection provided by a fire rated sheathing board – in addition to fire rated timber cladding – and we are using 9mm Magply boards on the outside of the timber frames. “

“It is being treated with our Passive Purple, vapour open membrane which allows the structure to breathe while achieving very good airtightness. Together with the closed cell, Lapolla polyurethane foam insulation, the wall construction offers excellent energy performance.”

Magply boards carry a range of international certifications, including KIWA, a BDA Agrement awarded last year, while their fire performance has been verified through industry standard tests at the world renowned Warrington fire research centre. Following a number of high profile blazes on building sites, such as at Hendon in North London, responsible timber frame manufacturers have been working to reduce their systems’ vulnerability to fire and Magply provides far better performance than plywood or OSB: offering instant protection rather than requiring additional layers of plasterboard.

Additionally, Magply’s unique production process keeps the chloride content to just 0.01%, enhancing both stability and long-term durability. Therefore, when employed as an exterior sheathing board, Magply is often left exposed to the elements for extended periods during the erection of structures such as apartment blocks.

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